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The Remote Control

The names and functions of the buttons on the remote control are listed below.

Item Button Function
A Power Turn the projector on or switch it to standby.
B HDMI2 Select HDMI 2.
C LIGHT Turn the button lights on for about 10 seconds.
D HDMI3 Select HDMI 3.
E SOURCE Display input source selection options.
F ROTATION Rotate the image up or down.
G Selector(e/f/g/h Navigate the menus.
H ENTER Select the highlighted menu item.
I BACK Return to the previous menu.
J SHIFT Adjust lens shift.
K ZOOM Adjust zoom.
L INSTALL Display projection options.
M CORNER FIT Display corner fit options.
N Remote control lock Disable the remote control.
Be sure to aim the remote at the remote receiver when performing this operation.
O PICTURE Adjust settings for the projected image.
P 10-key pad Use when entering the remote control ID.
Q MUTE Temporarily suspend projection and mute audio. Audio can be restored by pressing any other button or by pressing the MUTE button again.
R ID SET Enter the remote control ID. Click here to learn more.
S INFO View projector information.
T ASPECT Choose the aspect ratio.
U PATTERN Display a test pattern.
V FOCUS Adjust focus.
W MENU Display the menus used to adjust projector settings.
X KEYSTONE Display keystone compensation settings.
Y Volume Adjust the volume of the built-in speaker.
Z HDBaseT Select HDBaseT.
a HDMI1 Select HDMI 1.