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Choosing a Location

When installing the projector, choose a location where the vents will be a safe distance from walls or other obstructions.

A Intake : 40 cm (1.3 ft)

B Exhaust : 40 cm (1.3 ft)

When installing two or more projectors side-by-side, leave a space of at least 80 cm (2.6 ft) between them. You will also need to ensure that the warm air from the exhaust vents does not enter any of the projectors' intake vents.


Do not obstruct the vents. The build-up of heat inside the projector could cause fire.

Horizontal Orientation

Normally, the projector will be installed and used in horizontal orientation.


In horizontal orientation, the height of the projector can be adjusted using the adjustable feet.

Vertical Orientation

To install the projector in vertical orientation, attach the supplied stands.

  1. Screw the stand attachment screws into the attachment holes on the projector (×2).


    • When attaching the stands, lay the projector flat.
    • The lens should be in the storage position, the projector in standby mode, and the power cable disconnected.
  2. Open the legs after standing the projector on edge.


  • Be careful not to drop the projector when lifting it to attach the stands.
  • Attach the stands securely. When using the stands, be sure the legs are fully open. If the stands are not securely attached or the legs are not fully open when the projector is oriented vertically, the projector could become unbalanced and tip.
  • The supplied stand does not incorporate a height-adjustment mechanism.