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Connecting Third-Party Video Transmitters

Third-party video transmitters that support HDBaseT can be connected via the projector's HDBaseT connector.

Connection Schematic


  • Use an STP LAN cable with category 5e shielding or better.
  • The maximum distance that video can be transmitted over a LAN cable is 100 m (328 ft).
  • Operation is not guaranteed with all HDBaseT-compatible devices or in all operating environments.
  • The projector cannot be connected directly to networks operated by mobile communications service providers, fixed-network communications service providers, Internet service providers, or other telecommunications carriers. Any connection to the Internet must be made via a router.

The projector conforms to JBMIA PJLink Class 2 standard.

  • The port for the PJLink search function is 4352 (UDP).
  • The network must be configured appropriately before PJLink can be used.
  • PJLink specifications are available here.



  • PJLink support is available with LAN controls.
  • For information on supported PJLink commands, see aPJLink Commands”.