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Choose the language in which menus and messages are displayed.

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Adjust menu display settings.

Press ENTER to display options and then select the desired item.

Menu display time Menu position Reminder Message

Menu display time

Choose how the menus are displayed.

Always 5 sec 10 sec 20 sec 30 sec


Select Always to display the menus indefinitely.

Menu position

Choose where the menus are displayed.

Center Top-Left Top-Right Bottom-Right Bottom-Left

Reminder Message

Select On to display alerts.

On Off


Selecting Off for Reminder Message disables the display of alarm alert messages.

Background Color

Choose the menu background color.


Remote Receiver

Choose the IR receivers used by the remote control.

A Front

B Side

C Rear

All Front+Side Rear+Side Side


Select All to enable all three receivers (front, back, and side).

Panel Key Lock

Lock the controls on the body of the projector.

On Off


  • Selecting On displays a confirmation dialog; choose Yes to lock the buttons on the projector control panel.
  • To release the control-panel lock, press the selector right for three seconds.

Projector ID Setting

Choose an ID for each projector.

Option Description
Off Turn the projector ID off. The projector can be controlled by from any remote, regardless of its ID.
On Choose the projector ID. You will need to set the remote control to the same ID (aChoosing IDs).

Follow the steps below.

  1. Highlight Projector ID Setting in the SYSTEM SETUP : Basic menu and press ENTER to view ID selection options.

  2. Select On for Projector ID Setting.

  3. Enter a value between “01” and “99” for Projector ID and select ENTER.

  4. Select Yes when prompted. A second confirmation dialog will be displayed; highlight OK and press ENTER to confirm the projector ID.


After choosing a projector ID, check the IDs for the projector and remote control and confirm that they have been updated.


  • This item cannot be used to change the remote control ID (aChoosing IDs).
  • Projectors with IDs off can be controlled by remotes with any ID between “01” and “99”.

Security Settings

Adjust security settings.

Press ENTER to display options and then select the desired item.

Change password

Press ENTER and change the password.

Choose a password of six characters containing any combination of the numbers 1 through 4.

Press the selector up for 1, right for 2, down for 3, or left for 4.

After confirming the password by entering it a second time, press ENTER to proceed. You must supply the password when turning the projector on with On selected for Power on Lock.


Failure to provide the correct password will prevent the projector being used or initialized. Be careful not to lose the password. Consult with staff at the point of purchase should the password be lost.

Power on Lock

Selecting On requires users to enter the password chosen using Change password whenever the projector is turned on.

On Off


After choosing On, you will be prompted to enter the password. Enter the password to proceed.

Audio Settings

Adjust audio settings.

Press ENTER to display options and then select the desired item.


Select On to mute audio.

On Off


Adjust volume.


Source (FP-Z6000 only)

Switch between AUDIO inputs. Selecting On disables input from sources not connected to the AUDIO terminal.

On Off

High Altitude Mode

When using the product at high altitudes (above 1,500 m/4,900 ft), select On for High Altitude Mode to ensure that the product's internal temperature-control mechanism functions correctly. Failure to observe this precaution could shorten the life of the product's parts.

On Off


Selecting On displays a confirmation dialog; choose Yes to enable high-altitude mode. The fan will operate at higher speeds.

Reset Settings

Restore all items in a selected menu to their default values.

Press ENTER and choose the menu to be reset.

Option Description
Display Setting Reset the items in the DISPLAY menu to default values.
Picture Setting Reset the items in the PICTURE menu to default values.
Set Up BASIC Setting Reset the items in the SYSTEM SETUP : Basic menu to default values.
Set Up ADVANCED Setting Reset the items in the SYSTEM SETUP : Advanced menu to default values.

Reset the items in all menus (DISPLAY, PICTURE, SYSTEM SETUP : Basic, and SYSTEM SETUP : Advanced) to their default values.

The following items are not reset.

  • DISPLAY > Lens Setting
  • SYSTEM SETUP : Basic > Security Settings
  • SYSTEM SETUP : Advanced > Date and Time Setting


Highlighting a menu and pressing ENTER displays a confirmation dialog; select OK to restore the items in the selected menu to their default values.