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Enable or disable automatic input source detection.

Option Description
On Enable automatic input source detection.
Off Disable automatic input source detection.


Choose an input source.

HDMI1 HDMI2 DisplayPort HDBaseT SDI

b“HDMI2” (Warping and Blending Tool Available with FP‑Z8000 Only)

  • HDMI2 is available with the FP‑Z8000 only.
  • Automatic source detection is not available with HDMI2, which is used by the Warping and Blending Tool.
  • The default resolution is WUXGA (1920 × 1200).
  • Other resolutions can be selected using the Warping and Blending Tool.

aUsing the Warping and Blending Tool

HDMI Range

Choose the HDMI range.

Option Description
Auto The projector automatically selects Full or Limited according to the source.
Full Choose for RGB output in the range of 0 to 255 to prevent shadows that are overly bright or “washed out”.
Limited Limit RGB output to values between 16 and 235 to prevent loss of detail in shadows.

Color Space Conversion

Choose the color space in which images are displayed.

Option Description
Auto The projector automatically chooses an output color space from RGB and YUV.
RGB Images are displayed in the RGB color space.
YUV Images are displayed in the YUV color space.


Regardless of the option selected, color space conversion resets to Auto when the projector is turned off.

HDMI Equalizer

Adjust the HDMI signal for more reliable output over long cables. Choose an option adapted to the operating environment.

Auto lower low middle high higer